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I gaze in your eyes, and wonder what thoughts are hiding behind them.
Your lips form a smile, and laughter begins to shatter the silence.
A gentle breeze embraces you from your feet to your feather-like hair.
Yet deep within you a power swells: to reveal, to foretell.

You're a child, tomorrow rests upon you!
You're a child, let all the world learn from you!
You're a child, teach us to love and protect you,
To forgive, to have hope, to be true!

You see with a heart that knows how to trust in life and its meaning.
You hear with a soul, a soul that's never learned to stop yearning.

You share the joy of the morning star, as it shines on a day so fair.
And where's there's happiness in the air, you are there, you are there! (REFRAIN)

Yet deep within you a power swells: to reveal, to foretell! (REFRAIN)

You're a child! You're a child! You're a child!


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