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Why do you keep the peace when the world's at war?
Why can't the anger cease in my wounded heart?
When will we ever find the answers? Why can't I get anywhere?
So many questions, why should I even care?

Do you believe in heaven? Do you believe in paradise?
Where can we run when there's no one, no one we can run home to?
If you can't find the reason why we must go on living,
search your soul then you'll know that we'll just have, we'll just have to believe.

Why can't you face your fears? What is there to hide?
Why can't I face the truth? Maybe too much pride?
Just when we thought we've found the cure, it hurts just to know we're not sure.
Why is there sorrow? How can we still endure? (REFRAIN)

Life doesn't have to be this way.
We'll make it better for us someday.
Love's all we need and the heart to believe.
So look into the sky, believe, and then you'll never ask why. (REFRAIN)

In a world weary of disappointment, faith is a risky investment. Still, we continue to choose meaning over absurdity, peace over war, love over hate, in the certainty that our faith will be fulfilled.


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