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CHRISTIFY Prayer & Reflection Guides

"Love & Truth Will Meet"

Song: Love & Truth Will Meet
Scriptural Basis: Psalm 85:11-12


Faith and Hope Will Reign

II. Opening Prayer

Dear Lord, we ask you to fill us with the inspiration to be more aware of Your presence in our lives. We ask you to grant us peace of mind so that we can constantly be instruments of Your justice. We ask you to imbue us with your truth so that we can truly be vessels of your love.
Grant us the grace to feel Your love in our neighbors and to be inspired to speak only of Your truth. Give us the courage to hope despite the many difficulties we experience, and we pray that we may always be strengthened in our faith in You as we do our share in the creation of a better world.

III. Lyrics of the Song/Scripture Passages

Love & Truth Will Meet

(Psalm 85:11-12)

Love and truth will meet.
Justice and peace will kiss.
Truth will spring from the earth.
Justice will look down from heaven.

IV. Reflection

Lack of understanding, hate, killings, violence, political bickering, corruption

These are just some of the words we often associate with the happenings in our country that we read in the headlines of our newspapers or hear in the news programs day in and day out.

Is there really a dearth of good news around?

Many live in squalor and poverty, many have lost their ways, and many more will find themselves in trouble because they have nowhere to go, no one to hang on to, nothing to believe. Some would even declare that we live in a society that cannot only be described as poor materially, but also poor in spirit.

Why do we feel so helpless as a people? Why are we experiencing such a spiritual drought? And as a result, many of us have stopped caring about what is going on around us— where evil in its many forms abounds; it is as if we have been sanitized by its manifestations and have stopped caring and loving altogether.

Is it because we are lacking in hope?

Is it because we lack faith in God?

With the dawn of a new chapter in our country’s history, there are two things that we cannot afford not to have: Faith and Hope. Faith in God’s justice; Hope in the fruition of God’s promise to us that love will overcome all hate, that truth will really set us free, and that peace will subdue all violence.

It is only through great faith and hope that we can wait for love and truth to meet and justice and peace to kiss. It is only in our living of our faith, can we hope, and believe what God has promised us.

But love and truth depends on us. We ought to realize that we are responsible for the propagation of love and truth in this world, that we are the springs from where truth should spring from.

Faith and Hope will reign, but before it happens, before we aspire for change to happen in this world, we need to first let it reign in our hearts.

V. Guide Questions for Reflection

  • In our daily lives, how well do we embody the spirit of Christ to others?

  • Do we speak the truth?

  • Do we seek a peaceful solution to conflicts?

  • Are we at peace with ourselves?

  • Do we find God in our hearts?

VI. Closing Prayer

Dear Lord, may You continue to guide us as we strive to be instruments of your peace and justice. Thank you for giving us our faith. Thank you for giving us hope. Thank You for Your Love that inspires us to be more loving. Thank You for Your Truth that keeps us to be more truthful. Thank You for Your Justice that brings equality to us all. Thank You for Your Peace that provides us with the calm and courage to withstand all the challenges that our world faces.

Thank you for your continuing presence in our lives.

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