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Online Calendar Guide


Month View

Month View
The month view is the default view you're going to see when you click to the calendar from the main menu.

The picture is pretty self-explanatory: You have 4 alternate views (techincally 3, since it links to the month view as well). A link to add an event, the little numbers on the side toggle a week view as well specific to the week# you clicked on.

While the colors may change a bit over time, sufficed to say there will be enough visual indicators showing the distinction between the elements.

Year, Week, and Day Views

Most of the links are contextual to their respective views (clicking on a day on any view goes to the daily view, clicking on prev/next buttons on a week will go back/forward a week (or a year, or day if you're in yearly or daily view, etc.). And of course, clicking on an event goes to the actual event entry.

That said, navigating through the years, weeks, or days should be similar to the default.

Instant Jumps

If you're not afraid to input text directly to your browser's address bar, you can not only toggle the views, but jump straight to a specific date/date-range.
For example, let's say it's the year 2020... and you'd like to reminisce on events that happened ten years ago. You don't have to switch to year view and click the prev button 9-10 times. You merely have to append 2010 to the calendar URL.


The same logic applies when you want to get more specific. If you want to go September 2010, you'd append 2010-09. And you guessed it; if you want to go to a specific date, just append the full YYYY-MM-DD string.

Though it wouldn't be the most practical thing to do, you can also do it by week number if you'd like. Assuming you know what week of the year you're looking for ;) You can append something like 2010-W35 to jump to view the 35th week of 2010 (specifically, August 23-29).


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