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Download Page Tips

The Downloads section lists all the files in the site that are available for download. This was initially made for administrative purposes, but was eventually made available to the public for practical purposes.

Filter Box

The niftiest feature of the download page is the realtime filter box.

It allows you to type in part of what you're looking for (assuming you have an idea of what you're looking for) and it immediately removes unrelated files from the list - leaving you with files that match your current search string.

For example, all "sheet music" will have that phrase in their titles/names. So typing in "sheet" or "sheet music" will display all the sheet music available for download.

All uploaded files follow a certain naming convention - so it's easy to "generalize" search terms depending on what you're after. (sheet music, cover art, etc.)

Sorting Order

While it isn't that obvious (the cursor doesn't change to a hand) - you can click and sort via the headers.

By default, the listing is sorted alphabetically via description, but you can click on any of the headers and re-sort the entire list based on the header you choose.

  • Sorting via ID is useful to check if there's a new file available for download; the bigger the number, the more recently it was created
  • Clicking on the Description header, just like with the other headers, will toggle between ascending and descending order.
  • The Parent field is a relic of the page's administrative nature. The webmaster needed a quick way to know if a file is "orphaned" (i.e. not connected to any song or page) - but you can also use this for grouping purposes.
  • Unlike with the ID, sorting via the Updated field will sort files depending on when they were last modified. It is common that some already existing files are replaced/updated by newer (better) versions. This is extremely common with sheet music.

The DL links are direct download links. You'll notice that clicking on a file's ID, or description will redirect you to the file's individual download page (Clicking on its parent will take you to the "parent" page). Clicking DL saves you a click as it forces an immediate download of the file to your computer.


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