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Parlor / Party Games Ideas, Posted 07.12.05 #1
haaayyy...pag panahon ng parties, corporate man, barkadahan or communities, kalimitan hindi mawawala ang parlor / party games. ano po masa-suggest nyo? kung pwede pakipost din yung procedure. thanks.
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Re: Parlor / Party Games Ideas, Posted 07.12.05 #2
Medyo pambata pero nakakatuwa siya, Jose; nakita ko lang sa animated na Mr. Bean. ^_^

Pattern out some fishes sa white felt cloth then cut it out. Sa mga players, kailangan meron silang newspapers in hand para ipampapaypay sa tails ng fishes para umangat (parang dampa, pero you use the fish cutouts for the goma and the newspapers to replace the hands) yung fish towards the finish line na tatlong dipa from the starting line.

If it is to be, it is up to me.

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Re: Parlor / Party Games Ideas, Posted 07.12.06 #3
haha, onga, nakakatuwa nga to bouie. sige, isama namin to sa list. thanks.

kung meron pa po kayong alam, pakipost lang. thanks.
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Re: Parlor / Party Games Ideas, Posted 07.12.06 #4
Eto ang mga de rigeur na parlor games/party games na hindi nawawala sa karamihan ng mga Christmas party...kumbaga, bihirang-bihira ang mga party na wala nito. No explanations needed, unless taga-ibang planeta kayo

1. Trip to Jerusalem
2. Stop-dance or (variation of this) Newspaper Stop-dance
3. Bring Me (the items are either the "-est" [e.g. "longest belt, biggest shoes"] or whoever would be the first to bring it on stage ["First to bring me a singkong butas/five-centavo coin wins"])
4. Pinata/Basagan ng palayok (not recommended for corporate/office parties, though )
5. Pabitin (see my comment above )
6. Charades ("Two words? Three words! Tagalog? English! First word! No, third word! Two Syllables! Sounds like! Uhrmm?!?!?!?....." )
7. "Pahabaan" - as in, "Merrychristmasandahappynewyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeearrhhh!"

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Re: Parlor / Party Games Ideas, Posted 07.12.06 #5
site for party games:
Party Games 1
Party Games 2
Party Games 3
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Re: Parlor / Party Games Ideas, Posted 07.12.09 #6
ok na rin dyan ang mga dancing games..
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Re: Parlor / Party Games Ideas, Posted 07.12.10 #7
maganda yung

the boat is sinking o kaya paper dance =)
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Re: Parlor / Party Games Ideas, Posted 08.03.09 #8
patok ang "Bring me" and "Mark the body part that starts with letter T" (in english and Tagalog) for company parties
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Re: Parlor / Party Games Ideas, Posted 08.03.09 #9
Taguan ng ITLOG...Tamang tama pag EASTER SUNDAY

Basagan ng ITLOG...itali sa bewang yung itlog at magbasagan ng kapartner

EGG-Race itakbo ang ITLOG na hawak ng kutsara and do some laps

Kainan ng Balot/KwekKwek = Ubusan ng ITLOG kung sinong maraming makain siya ang panalo (not recommended for ppl with High Blood)
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