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Re: Room for Improvement, Posted 10.04.26 #101
speaking of tactfullness..wala naman akong nakitang offending posts from them they're just expressing their views and we are entitled for our freedom to express di ba..at never naman silang nag mention ng name on board...parang ikaw lang nag nag identify ng "person"correct me if I'm wrong....well good intentions will bring out positive outcome...wala pong hinangad ang "grupo ko" which you mentioned earlier na masama its just a simple open forum..taken out of kontext...sad to say pero parang dinidivide nyo ang grupo when you implicated ang "group ko" soooo paano ang group mo? nagtatanong lang po...since you used the word "group"
whatever happens..whatever may come I believe that God is always beside me giving me strength to withstand all challenges in life...hindi natutulog ang Diyos pana panahon lang yan
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Re: Room for Improvement, Posted 10.04.26 #102
Ate Vel,

I dont post here to take sides nor join any arguments, but I Thank you for expressing your concern and I apologize if that's how you interpret my messsage.

Then I will join the meet-up to explain my side. Kindly coordinate with Froilan on the date.

I dont want to have a chatroom discussion here on both parties explaining their sides as this is not the proper venue. Im sure you will agree with me that the open forum is the best venue for such discussions as requested by Bryan and not here.

This thread is entitled Room for improvement and as such by the purpose of this thread, i personally believe that mentioning name sounds more professional than making it like a blind item for everyone.

Now to avoid following posts being taken out of context as mentioned, I am closing this thread.

Feel free to contact anyone from the Moderating Team if you feel that this thread was unjustly closed.

Thank you and God bless!
"He who sings well.. prays twice!" - St. Augustine
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