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Thread: Ginoo, Kaloy-i Kami (Cebuano)

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    Default Ginoo, Kaloy-i Kami (Cebuano)

    Here's my first post, Cebuano Kyrie (3 Parts) by Fr. J. Roel Lungay. Originally written in Tagalog which they used in Tagaytay in the early 80s and was translated in many dialect (Zambales, Kiniray-a and Bisaya). They sang this at my brother's ordination in 1988. Our choir used it in our early years but we have new ones after that. Somebody might find this version useful, it's very soulful and solemn.

    PAGMAMAKAWA (Original SASMA live recording 1984)

    PAGMAMAKAAWA (1992 Home Recording)

    GINOO KALOY-I (2009 Revival)

    Very easy chords:

    I & II
    CM7 - Fm - CM7 (Gsus, G)
    CM7 - Fm - Em - A7
    Dm7- G7 - CM7 - Am
    Dm7 - G7 - CM7 (Gm-C7)
    F - G- Em - Am
    Dm7 - G7 - CM7 (Gsus-G)

    CM7- Fm- CM7
    CM7 - Fm - CM7
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